How It Began


My love for beauty and it’s industry began when I was a teen. I remember braiding hair when I was about fourteen and continuing all through high school. It was my way of making people (female and male) look and feel their best as it was also a way of making extra cash. I was in high school and was always wanting to be “in style” and fashionable so being able to buy my own attire with money I earned from styling hair was really cool. During my high school years, I also spent a lot of time in a barber shop where I braided client’s hair and learned the basics of a facial. My interest in hair and beauty kept growing. I planned to take a cosmetology course right after I graduated, but my plans changed and instead I furthered my education in Business!

As time passed, I was styling hair and doing family and friends make up and brows whenever they requested my services, but it was only occasional. For the most part I was concentrating on my other big passion, which is music. More interests of mine include graphic design (which I pursued in high school) and photography which I feel all tie into the beauty industry and the path I hope to pursue as a beauty influence.

I am self taught but have been inspired by many different YouTube Beauty Gurus and follow a few amazing Facebook groups with loving makeup communities who share the same love for makeup.

I have gained a bigger, broader interest in makeup artistry as I have had the opportunity to experiment with various types of makeup, from drug store products to high end make up brands. I have compared many different products to see what I like and what works best for me and plan to review those products for you here, so make sure to keep following! I will also be giving you tips/tricks, before/afters and details for upcoming GIVEAWAYS so make sure your following all of my social media accounts!

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Imani Almilyardir Co.

Heyyyyy loves! So, I know it’s been quite a bit since my last blog post and the reason for that was because of my big move to a new state! Yes loves! I moved from up north Western Massachusetts to Florida and it’s been a huge change for me and my family but foretunately things have been going very well! I even decided to upgrade my makeup space from recording videos and going live from the “pantry” of my old apartment to now my master bedroom. I have upgraded to iKea “Alex Drawers” and it has definitely been working out nicely for me and is much more comfortable. I have enough space for all my makeup now and it’s actually pretty “organized.” 🀣 Go check out my instagram for pictures of my new space if you haven’t seen it already!

But, anywho the reason I decided to write this blog at 11:00 p.m. after a long day at Disney Land today for my daughter’s 5th Birthday is becasue I have been obsessing over this brand I came across a few months ago called “Imani Almilyardir Co.”

First off, imagine going to an online store where you don’t have to pay shipping or tax. Fantastic right? Well you got that here. Then imagine paying under $5 for one set of lashes and them lasting up to 25 to 30 times. Seems too good to be true. And to be completely honest, it’s the reason I didn’t order sooner but about 2 weeks ago I decided to place a small order of one set because it was only $2 and I was afraid of either having a month wait for these lashes to come in, or getting them and them not looking ANYTHING like the picture. Girl, was I wrong!!!!

The lashes looked even better than they looked in pics plus it only took 2 weeks for them to come in which is no time for the extremely affordable price of $2 I paid!!!!! They were so fluffy and what I loved most about them is that the lash band was clear for the style “Aziza” I chose. My only regret is not ordering more on the day I first placed my order because now I wish I had some more on hand to use while I wait for my next order to come in πŸ˜‚

Trust me loves this company is official. The lashes are phenomenal, especially for the price and they will last you anywhere from 1 to 30 uses with proper care. Not only that, the owner of the company is a straight BEAUTY. She is so respectable, relatable, loveable and giving. I had gotten a free gold loose glitter with my order which was a complete surprise and loved it.

Below you will see me wearing the lash style “Aziza” which I recently used for a breast cancer awareness makeup look. Aren’t they simply amazing!?!

Go get you some loves: (Prices are unbeatable)



Essence came out with a NEW Makeup Palette…should you buy it?

Let me just get straight to the point here with this one and say yes. You should buy it. Because why not? It’s only $9.99 and your getting 16 shades out of it. That is LESS than a buck PER PAN which is usually unheard of in this makeup world. So why not add it to your collection. Better yet, if you are just starting out with makeup and do not want to break the bank spending loads of money on high end products because you are still practicing, then this is a good place to start. This palette contains 5 matte shades, and the rest are metallics and shimmers which are really pretty.

When I first looked into the palette, I right away thought of the Fall with the orange packaging and the name of the palette being “Spice Up Your Life”. Reading the names of the shades was pleasing as it made me think of chilly weather and back to school season which are some of the reasons I love Fall. The bottom portion (as pictured above) of the palette was very nice and neutral. I would say it’s great for everyday wear whilst the top portion has more pops of color. I really enjoy this palette because of that. It feels like it’s two different palettes in one but at the same time they all work so well together.

The shades were overall very nice and had good pigment to them. The only two shades that did not work well for me as they kind of just blended in with my skin were “Vanilla Bean” and “Caramelts.” I feel they will look nice on a darker complexion. I saw some shimmer in the shade “caramelts” but even when I wet my brush using my usual “Cover Fx illuminating setting spray, it didn’t leave a very bright shimmer. I didn’t hate it but I normally like a shimmery white that shows up brighter as a browbone hilight. You will like it if you like more of a subtle look.

Now let’s talk about the shades I adored…

“Pumpkin spice” is a orange metallic shade which resembles the pacakaging. I love that it is bright and very pigmented.

“Cha cha sriracha” is a like reddish orange matte shade which I find to be very pigmented for such an inexpensive palette. Usually, it is very hard for me to find a red that will stand out and be true to color. As you blend it will fade out, but if you are using it to pack on the color it will turn out very well.

“Curry in a hurry” was the shade that stood out to me most. Hence, the fact I did my first look with this palette using that shade on my lid and I was amazed with the turnout. It truly came out bright and beautiful. I was very impressed at the wearing power of it and happy that the shade did not crease or fade throughout the day.

“Spiced apple cider,” “Cinnamon Rolls,” “Maple,” “Chai chai,” “Cayenne My Man,” and “Habanero Honey” are my other favorite shades from the palette.

Overall, I felt the palette was very nice, not very much kickback, easy to blend, and best of all, very affordable. You can create a ton of different looks with this one palette without really having to reach for another palette, which makes it nice to travel with!

Below is the first look I created with it, using Tarte Shape Tape as my base. Let me know in the comments if you end up purchasing this palette. It’s available at

Looking for a weightless summer foundation? You might want to give this one a try…



I have been testing the NEW Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur foundation out for over 2 weeks now and wanted to give a quick overview of my thoughts. I really like to trial a product for a while before giving my opinion especially when it comes to facial products, just because our skin has it’s good days and it’s bad days. So first we have my first impressions, then we have my results and overall thoughts.


Packaging/Looks: cute, compact packaging, not cheap nor expensive, cute happy face.
Smells: no scent
Feels: liquidy
Hand swatch: easy to squeeze out from the tube, went on very smoothly, easy to blend
Benefits : SPF 15++
*AFTER USE* (2+ weeks of everyday use)
Finish/Looks: very natural looking, light to medium coverage as claims
Smells: no scent
Feels: lightweight on the skin, natural, breathable, smooth (not cakey)
Lasting power: up to 8 hours without retouching
How I used it:
As usual the first thing I always do is cleanse my face. For that I used @seriousskincare glycolic cleanser which helps to deep clean my pores.
Next, I went in with @marionadescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater as a toner. (An absolute MUST HAVE for me).
To hydrate the skin, I used my favorite everyday moisturizer which is @cetaphilus daily facial moisturizer which also has sunscreen in it.
I went ahead and applied @flowerbeauty pore minimizing primer and let it all soak into my skin while I filled in my eyebrows.
On one side of my face I used a beauty blender and did not get the desired coverage I was looking for because the sponge seemed to have soaked up all the foundation.
On the other side of my face I used a @docolor_official foundation brush from their fantasy collection and the results really came to life which is crazy to me becauseI normally never apply my foundation with a brush.

Results: I absolutely fell in love with the finish. It felt extremely lightweight and natural yet gave me the coverage I was looking for. Though, initally being afraid it would be too sheer, it turned out to be the perfect amount of coverage. The weightless feel and extra SPF 15++ benefits are especially nice for hot, summer days, though I do feel I will be using this product even after summer is over here in New England. The shade ended up being a perfect match for my skintone. It actually gave my skin a nice radiant glow which looks very refreshing for summertime. My pores did not look too bad and neither did my wrinkles. Of course, I did apply some concealer to hide those areas and I had to test how it works with Benefit’s Hoola Contour stick to give me that bronzed beach babe feel and it blended out like a dream! I would highly recommend this foundation for someone wanting light and weightless coverage and who may have dryer than normal skin. I have been testing this foundation out for over 2 weeks now and have not had any breakouts which is wonderful.

Here is RAW unfiltered pic using their foundation! Let me know in the comments what your FAVORITE SUMMER FOUNDATION IS 😘

Touch In Sol Metallist High Shine Bouncy Cream Shadow Palette

Touch In Sol Palette

Touch in Sol recently sent me this palette to review so I wanted to share my thoughts with you all! The biggest reason I wanted to review this palette was because “cream shadows” aren’t really my best friend. I’ve been on the hunt for a cream shadow that will work for me! I don’t really know the reason why I have a hard time with cream shadows. Some suggest my eyelids are oily but, I personally feel I just have bad wrinkly eyelids, therefore they tend to crease on me.

Anyhow, I was super excited to receive this package in the mail so I opened it immediately and started taking my “product shots” (for this blog of course.) But, since I am still in the process of learning how to photograph products wit my DLSR camera, it took me a while to finish. In turn I was getting really, really anxious to open up my new palette and play!

When I finally got aroundn to swatching the shades of this palette, I fell in love with the texture of them.Β  The consistency was very different from any other cream shadows I have used. It felt wet to the touch but creamy at the same time. It swatched very nicely on one finger, and I didn’t need to use a lot of product to notice how pigmented the shades were. I wanted to see how nice it would blend on my arm, and if the pigment would still pop, and it did! The more I blended the shade out, the more glitter I noticed pop! It swatched these on my arm using Younique’s Deluxe brush, which is made with pony hair.


Once the shade swatching was over, it was time for the FINAL test. How do they look on my eyes? I wanted to try applying two ways: one without primer and one with primer.

Here’s how it turned out:


Above is an unedited pictured so you can see exactly what it looked like once I applied the shadow to my lid. As you can see, the side with primer is a WIN. The side without primer definitely looked less appealing as it was starting to crease, wasn’t as pigmented, and also had some glittery fallout where the arrows are pointing. It went on much smoother and so nicely with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original which you can see on the right.

Originally, I had tried using my holy grail Tarte Shape Tape concealer for a primer, since that is what I always use to prime my eyes. But I will not recommend it with these shadows, as it ended up looking chunky and changed the look of the shade a bit. It did not blend well over concealer, possibly because the concealer was too thick.Β I even tried it over my other usual which is Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray – “Stay Put” Primer and had the same experience.

My recommendations for using these shadows are definitely to find the right primer that works well for you. I personally suggest the Urban Decay Primer Potion. And to also use a synthetic shadow brush to apply it. You could use your fingertips to apply it, but I personally do not like to use my fingers to apply any kind of make up unless I absolutely have to. The natural oils from your fingertips can degrade the formula and can cause it to be streaky and crease. So, I prefer to use a brush. My only other recommendation is have fun with it. You can use one shade throughout the entire lid, you can bring it up to the crease or blend powder into the crease instead. You can use multiple shades in one eye look, or you can use them as an inner corner highlights, which I now do, with the shade “Snow Jam!”

Here is a look at all the shades and their names:



Overall, I really enjoyed my new palette and am so thankful for it. It will look great on many skin tones so I feel it’s very versatile. I love how big the pans are. You will definitely get your money’s worth because they will last you a long time. The shades were very reflective and glittery. It seemed to be everything it set out to be and is exactly as the name suggests, high shine, bouncy, creamy shadows. Here is a look I created using the shade “Sangria Rose” from this palette.


In conclusion, it was a wonderful experience, and I would recommend this product to my family and friends.

Have you tried these shadows or any other cream shadows? If so, let me know what primer you like to use down below πŸ™‚

Essence Makeup Products Review

Hey guys! If you haven’t yet seen, I had the grand opportunity to work with Essence Cosmetics and was impressed with the makeup they sent me! So, I wanted to share some quick thoughts on them in case you’re interested in affordable products that may work for you.


Pictured above are the 8 items Essence sent me which include an eyeshadow palette, mascara, brow pencil, lipstick, highlighter, blush, black felt tip eyeliner pen and a “butter stick” for the lips.

I have to say, the Superfine Eyeliner Pen in black was my favorite of the 8 products they sent. I seriously cannot get over how Flawless the application was. I was not expecting the eyeliner to be that amazing as I normally do not go for a felt tip eyeliner pen. I usually prefer a gel eyeliner or a liquid liner with a brush applicator but this felt tip is SO SHARP AND PRECISE that it actually made it easier to draw on my liner. The good thing about it is you can easily make a very thin wing with it or you can build it up to a thick wing with smooth application. Even after several uses, the felt tip does not dry out on me, which is normally my drawback in felt tip liners. This is one product I won’t forget in my makeup bag when traveling.

I also enjoyed the Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension mascara very much. This mascara does lengthen the lashes, but I didn’t notice full blown out volume compared to some of my favorites. However, I wore this product for about 10 hours and it did have long staying power. I would say for the price, it is a very nice mascara that is worth giving a shot, especially if you are on a budget as it retails for only $4.99. Essence has a huge variety of mascaras, all with different style wands and different finishes. I will have to experiment with others from their line in order to compare them in the future.

The two lip products were also nice. I received the Butter Stick Glossy LoveΒ ($3.99) in the shade “Dark Syrup” and the Matt Matt Matt lipstick in “Purple Power”. The butter lip gloss made my lips feel very moisturized and it really does go on like butter. My lips felt soft and plump with this product. I would say this is great for the light make up wearer who only wants a bit of tint and shine. As for the matte lipstick, it did not go on patchy or uneven, it felt nice and creamy. It did not dry out my lips and was long wearing. Pigment was pretty good, I did layer it on twice to get it to look true to it’s color but overall, worth it. There are 10 different shades in this collection. I was happy that the shade “purple power” they sent me suited me well and cannot wait to try some of their other shades!

Let’s go ahead and dive into my thoughts on the “All About Nudes” eyeshadow palette. The packaging is a clear, which is nice to be able to see through it when shuffling through your makeup bag. It includes 8 different shades which is great for a palette that costs just $5.49. I loved the color scheme because nudes are so versatile and look good on everyone. It was very easy for me to come up with a nice, neutral look that can be worn for everyday use which really impressed me. I am normally into very dramatic looks, so when I created a soft look, I was actually pretty obsessed with the turnout! I am also super excited and grateful that my image was chosen to get re-posted on the companies Instagram page!!!!!! (Please click here to check it out and don’t forget to drop some love! πŸ™‚

Furthermore, I received the Essence eyebrow designer pencil in the shade “brown” which retails for only $1.99 which is a total steal. I really enjoyed this brow pencil. It was a little bit too light for my brows but, not by much. It actually photographed very nicely, but in person, you was able to notice it was too light. After noticing they offer 7 shades, I realized I would probably have been better off with the “dark chocolate” shade, but I was thankful for what I received. Overall, the pencil was very sharp and precise and I really enjoyed it. It absolutely made my brows look nice and full but natural at the same time. The staying power was good, but if you sweat easily or have oily skin, it may smudge, so I would suggest using a brow setter over top.

The strobing highlighter stick comes in 2 shades. They pampered me with the shade “10 be younique be a unicorn” which definitely gives off unicorn vibes. It is very prismatic. I love that the packaging is also holographic. I am not the biggest fan of cream highlighters but I did feel like this one sat nicely on the skin, it kind of melted in to the skin, blends evenly, and doesn’t budge. It is not the most blinding highlighter, but it definitely pops and is noticeably glowy.

The only product from the set I did not care for was the Mosiac blush. I hate to say it, but I have to be honest in my reviews and to me, this did not give off barely any color. It was way too sheer and not really noticeable on the skin, even after picking up more and more product on my brush, I just could not get the shade “all you need is pink” to show on me. The other option available in the Mosiac blushes is the shade “the berry connection” which may or may not have more pigment, but is a darker shade.

Overall, I was not let down at all by the quality of these products. Like every single company out there, there are always going to be hits and unfortunately sometimes there will be misses. But, I find myself able to recommend quite a few of these products to friends and family because they are so budget friendly and really pretty! I also appreciate this company for being cruelty-free!

Disclaimer: Though these products were sent to me as a gift, I am NOT required to promote their brand in any way. Therefore, all thoughts are my own and are based on my “first impressions” of these products unless otherwise stated. Hope you enjoyed! And let me know what product you’d like me to review next!

NEW Products You Should Know About!

1. BUXOM Holographic Full-On Lip Polish Top Coats

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your appearance with juicy plump lips then this is the product for you! BUXOM is my #1 choice for lip plumpers and has 100 shades in the Full-On Lip Polish category. If you were enjoying those best seller glosses with shimmer-sheer finishes, then you will LOVE their NEW Holographic finishes even more! I know I do! Check out the image below to see how I rocked the shade “Crystal” over their Plumpline Lip Liner in the shade “Mystery.”


2.) Docolor – 12 Color Eye Shadow Palette – Y1201


Docolor just came out with their first EVER eye shadow palette and it looks STUNNING! It claims to be highly pigmented and from the looks of it you can see it is very versatile for everyday looks. I have been loving their Fantasy brush setΒ and cannot wait to get my hands on this palette. You can now pre-order this 12 color eye shadow palette today by clicking on the image above!

3. BenefitΒ Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation


If your looking for a summer foundation that is light to medium coverage for those hot, sticky days when you don’t want your face to melt off, this is it! This foundation evens skin-tone, blurs imperfections, and leaves a natural matte finish. There are 12 shades to choose from and it’s only $29. The best part about this formula is that it contains SPF 15 PA+++ which will help protect your skin against the sun.

4. NEW Pressed Glitters & other NEW launches by DKB

“Slaycation” is a BRAND NEW collection. It is a collaboration with Glitter Squad Member @beautybysarahkay and of course owner of DKB @dearkatiebrown. Two creative and inspirational artists you should be following over on Instagram. It was inspired by her honeymoon which is so cute and I’m so in love with these color combos. The are PERFECT for some fun summery looks. Go over to @beautybysarahkay to check out some video swatches of these and how she incorporates them in her looks! These just launhced TODAY along with a few other products pictured below! Like usual, use my discount code “MizFlawless” to save on any of these products on the DKB website!

5. Bombshell Cosmetica – June 11th LAUNCH

Bombshell Cosmetica is a Puerto Rico based eyelash company which is cruelty-free. I have used their “Bombshell” lashes (pictured below) and fell in love with the quality. They will be revealing their brand NEW “Dreamy Collection” within the next few days as this collection launches on June 11th so make sure to save the date! They will have a 50% sale off the first 100 orders while supplies last PLUS FREE shipping on order over $50. I am so excited for “The Dreamy Collection” and the day of their launch there will be lashes for just $4.99 so make sure you bookmark their website here! And don’t forget to use my discount code to save “MizFlawlessBeauty”

Style: Bombshell

Touch In Sol Goodies


Hey guys! So, I recently recieved two products to try out and I’ve been dying to spill the beans on what I think of them!
So, to start Touch In Sol sent over a Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Shadow Duo in the shade “Talia” and I was so happy because it’s such a universal option being that it is a pale gold, I knew it could work for anyone.

I used the foil throughout my lid for a cut crease look (as shown below) and the consistancy of it was so nice, it went on so smooth and dried nicely too. I added some glitter over top from the duo and was impressed by how blinding it was. It definitely made the look pop! I love how versatile this product is because you can wear this duo separately or together and either way looks stunning. You can use it over your whole lid, as a winged liner, or as an inner corner highlight! I’m pretty sure this will look great on the lips too, if you dare to try it!

Overall, I can say I had a great experience with these and will definitely try some other shades out in the future.


Take a look below at how the foil looks on it’s own, and combined with the glitter. You can also see the glitter on it’s own is very pretty and extremely glittery.


As for the mascara, they sent over their “Allure” award winningΒ Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara and hello?! Another WIN in my book. I really appreciated the long, curved wand which helped me to coat my bottom lashes without making a big mess. I love how jet black it is and how it didn’t clump after two layers. Also, did not smudge throughout the day which is always a plus for me!


That’s not all you guys, Touch In Sol was kind enough to give me a discount code for you all to try these out for yourselves…so go snatch these up in your favorite color and use code “TIS20” to save!
What I really love about this brand is that it uses natural and botanical ingredients. You can learn more about their company and products here:Β

MAY Giveaway


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Anyone interested in purchasing glitter in the mean time go ahead and check out the DKB website at and use my discount code “MizFlawless” at checkout!